Automatic invoice digitization

  • All invoices collected, digitized, formatted, validated, and integrated
  • Receive all invoices, regardless of format, digitally and converted to your preferred format
  • Automated, AI driven invoice data match validation
  • Simple set-up to configure and Go Live in less than 30 days

Centralized invoice archive


  • Centralized invoice receipt, regardless of origin and format.  Automatically convert any invoice format (paper, PDF, Image, cXML, EDI, napkin!) into your preferred format. 
  • All incoming invoices are digitized to the format of your choice and directed to the system of your choice.
  • Supports all businesses, small to enterprise.

Faster and more accurate invoice processing

  • Automated, AI-driven invoice data and match validation
  • AI BOT technology workflows fo the work for you, validating and populating invoice records.